Drawing on our expertise in computer vision, we developed the Teqbox add-on for Teqball, a new sport designed to help soccer players develop their skills and have fun. Teqbox enables players to track their performance while they play, so they can identify areas of strength and weakness, and train more effectively.

We combine the latest results of high-definition 3D computer vision, sensor fusion, and Internet-of-Things.

Teqball is a new sporting equipment and activity, based on football (soccer), developed by a Luxembourg startup company that belongs to the Docler Holding Group. Teqball is a training tool for both professionals and amateurs to develop concentration and technical skills, as well as stamina.
Teqball aims to be the world’s first equipment that can objectively measure the technical football skills of a player in a fun-filled way. Teqbox is an add-on to Teqball, and its research and development is carried out exclusively by IncQuery Labs. Teqbox automatically tracks the ball and player movements during a game, to enforce rules, evaluate scores, and assess player skill development.

The mission of Teqbox is to make it possible for players to analyze their performance and better their technique with unprecedented accuracy. Therefore, it is a unique project for IncQuery Labs, as it poses extreme challenges both in terms of technology and engineering. Teqbox is an entirely new and innovative system, and there’s nothing else currently like it on the market.

To tackle these challenges, IncQuery Labs has built a state-of-the-art data acquisition, and processing system. We combine the latest results of high-definition 3D computer vision, sensor fusion, and Internet-of-Things. At the heart of Teqbox is a complex event processing engine, based on our open source platform VIATRA. This enables us to combine computer vision and motion sensor data instantaneously. The technology detects both simple events (ball hits and bounces), as well as complex event chains (scores and faults) much faster and more accurately than any human judge could. IncQuery Labs has also built several custom tools to aid the development of such a complex system. These include a sensor, 3D video stream recorder, and sensor processing toolchain.

Teqbox is currently an internal development project which has been showcased at select events and scheduled for wider public demos in 2017. Its success so far is a testament to our top-notch research and development capabilities. Teqbox represents our vision of technology transfer, and has also peaked significant social importance. We are proud of our tight collaboration with the Teqball team, which made them feel secure and immersed.