Our collaboration with Logi.cals, an innovation leader in industrial automation, is a success story of mutual benefits: through their technology, we gained valuable insight and experience in industrial digitalization, while helping them with safety-critical development and next-generation engineering tools.


Logi.cals is a software tool and platform vendor in the industrial automation domain, with over 30 years of experience working with a diversity of partners in many industries with needs for production line automation. Logi.cals is a pioneer in innovation for industrial digitalization and is honored by multiple awards.
Logi.cals provides industrial automation solutions across several industries, such as smart buildings, hydropower plants or oil refineries, wherever the main goal is to manage business targets while efficiently addressing digitalization challenges. As customers often lack the necessary in-house software engineering expertise, Logi.cals help their clients by with focusing on advancing integration via tools, systems and processes.


IncQuery Labs has been a partner to Logi.cals since 2018 and the two companies have developed a strong strategic relationship over the years, collaborating in several projects as well as a global product development strategy.
- Our experts participated in the development of their flagship product, Logi.CAD3, a programming platform for industrial controllers.  
- We worked on hard real-time safety-critical runtime systems for Programmable Logic Controller projects, efficiently addressing the challenges related to strict regulatory requirements.
- Finally, IncQuery Labs is participating in the Open Web Automation project. This next-generation development platform is planned to become a modern, cloud-based extension to Logi.CAD in the future.  


Throughout the years of successful collaboration, our experts have mutually benefited from working together and learning from each other. Industrial automation is a new domain for IncQuery Labs, as our embedded team has worked mostly in the automotive industry before. Through working with Logi.cals, we have built considerable expertise, while helping Logi.cals satisfy their customers, improve their solutions, and plan for the cloud-based future.