Airmatic partnered with IncQuery Labs to develop a complex graphical editor that brings Airmatic one-step closer to reach its desired complete customer satisfaction.

Airmatic strives for the highest quality possible to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Airmatic was established in 1997 in Kecskemét (Hungary). The company designs and builds special-purpose machines, test-benches and assembly lines for custom needs within the automotive domain. Airmatic strives for the highest quality possible to achieve complete customer satisfaction.  

The first successful collaboration between Airmatic and IncQuery Labs was in early 2018. The project was to build a graphical specification tool to support engineers with designing the workflow of assembly operator desks in production lines. The main challenge of the project was to build a user-friendly, domain-specific, feature-rich design environment that integrates into the existing Airmatic development platform. IncQuery Labs came up with a solution, which successfully re-uses existing open-source frameworks, applies them using standard web technologies (client-side Javascript and server-side C#) and integrates them into Airmatic’s existing LabVIEW tool chain. The resulting cross-platform architecture building on re-usable blocks from different technologies enabled fast time-to-market and a project realization within the planned budget. Specifically, the short delivery deadline of less than two months could be respected without cutting on the original specification with all optional features delivered.  

In summary, Airmatic partnered with IncQuery Labs to develop a complex graphical editor that was successfully delivered on-time bringing Airmatic one-step closer to reach its desired complete customer satisfaction.