IQL on stage at EclipseCon France

June 28, 2018    

Ákos Horváth performs a presentation on EclipseCon France

in Toulouse, at 16.00 on the 14th of June, 2018 with the title “Lessons learned from building Eclipse-based add-ons for commercial modeling tools“.

EclipseCon France 2018

This talk will be a summary of the lessons IQL has learned during the MagicDraw adaptation of VIATRA, Eclipse’s open source framework for scalable reactive model transformations. Akos Horvath will also present our latest developments: V4MD, an open source extension for MagicDraw that others can freely reuse and build on, and IncQuery for MagicDraw, a commercial add-on that provides powerful yet user-friendly querying and validation capabilities.

For more details about the talk please visit the official site of EclipseCon France 2018.