The Open CPS project ended successfully

January 10, 2019        Balázs Tarnóczi      IoT Open source

Being part of the bigger picture

International Research

November 9, 2018           IoT Open source

The total Eclipse of the simulation

The total Eclipse of the simulation

August 7, 2018           Conference Eclipse EclipseCon Open source OpenCPS Presentation

IQL on stage at EclipseCon France

Ákos Horváth performs a presentation on EclipseCon France with the title "Lessons learned from building Eclipse-based add-ons for commercial modeling tools".

June 28, 2018        Dr. Ákos Horváth      IoT Open source

“What’s new in Eclipse VIATRA 2.0” webinar

Dr. István Ráth managing director and VIATRA expert will present the progress of the Eclipse VIATRA project.

June 28, 2018        Dr. István Ráth      IoT Open source

It is coming! OpenCPS Technical Meeting in Budapest

We are looking forward to welcome our guests from Sweden, France and Finland.

April 11, 2018           Open source OpenCPS

Do you have an innovative idea?

Apply for the Open IoT Challenge 4.0!

November 7, 2017           Eclipse IoT MODES3

IQL at the Rendez-vous CARNOT 2017

Ákos Horváth, managing director of IncQuery Labs was participating the Rendez-vous CARNOT 2017 R&D and business exhibition.

October 24, 2017        Dr. Ákos Horváth      IoT Open source

See you at EclipseCon Europe!

This year IncQuery Labs is going to be more active on the EclipseCon Europe than ever was.

October 13, 2017           EclipseCon IoT MODES3

The smarter IoT – our talk at the Eclipse IoT Virtual Meetup

István Ráth, managing director of IncQuery Labs was invited to give a talk in the Eclipse IoT Virtual Meetup.

August 23, 2017        Dr. István Ráth      IoT Open source

EclipseCon Europe – talk and more

This year István Ráth is going to give a presentation and IQL is a sponsor of IoT Theme Day.

August 14, 2017        Dr. István Ráth      IoT Open source

IoT Developer Survey results

The third annual IoT Developer Survey, hosted by Eclipse IoT, were announced.

May 2, 2017           Eclipse IoT

Smart and safe systems, and a team behind them

Impulzus, the student's magazine of Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, published an interview about MoDeS3 project.

April 13, 2017        Dr. István Ráth      IoT Open source

IoT make you move!

Come and meet us in the Budapest Startup Safary!

April 11, 2017           IoT Presentation Startup Safary Teqbox

Ready for innovation?

Is it raining octopuses? No matter what falls from the sky, we are always ready for innovation!

April 10, 2017        Dr. István Ráth      IoT Open source

Participate in the IoT Developer Survey 2017!

Please take the time to complete this 5-8 minute survey.

February 7, 2017           Eclipse IoT

IQL at IoT With The Best

Our team member, Zsolt Mázló, gave a talk at the IoT With The Best, the world’s biggest online IoT conference for developers.

November 30, 2016           Complex event processing Conference IoT MODES3

IncQuery Labs’ team at Ronaldinho’s Teqball show

Ronaldinho as the Global Ambassador of Teqball visited Budapest to test and promote Teqball.

November 21, 2016           IoT Teqbox

What’s new in the industry? IncQuery Labs at EclipseCon Europe 2016

IncQueryLabs is not only sponsoring the IoT Day, but we will be there also.

October 17, 2016        Dr. István Ráth      IoT Open source

MoDeS3 at Researchers’ Night

Those who visited Ericsson demos at Researchers' Night could check out our model train layout.

October 7, 2016           IoT MODES3

The real risks of the IoT security nightmare – IncQueryLabs Academy webinar

The real risks of the IoT security nightmare - IncQueryLabs Academy webinar

October 5, 2016           IncQuery Labs Academy IoT Open Academy

IncQuery Labs’ Summer Internship Program ended

During the summer we provided opportunity to a 10 weeks long summer internship for 15 students.

September 1, 2016           Automotive IoT MODES3 Teqbox

IncQuery Labs sponsors IoT Theme Day at EclipseCon Europe 2016

We're proud to sponsor the IoT Theme Day which will be held in Ludwigsburg, Germany, in co-location with EclipseCon Europe.

August 22, 2016           EclipseCon IoT VIATRA

Our talks at EclipseCon France 2016

This year, Akos Horváth represented our company in Toulouse and gave two talks.

June 17, 2016        Dr. Ákos Horváth      IoT Open source

An Article about Complex Event Processing in SoSym

An article has been published in SoSym written by István Dávid, István Ráth and Dániel Varró.

June 7, 2016        Dr. Dániel Varró      IoT Open source

MoDeS3 project presented at Ericsson University Day

The ‎Open IoT Challenge‬ award winning MoDeS3 project is presented today at the Ericsson University Day.

May 31, 2016           IoT MODES3

IncQuery Labs joined the European Maker Week

We've joined one of the Hungarian events entitled 'Today a Maker - Tomorrow an Entrepreneur. Thinking vs. Doing?'

May 31, 2016           Conference IoT

IncQuery Labs at SMART 2016 Conference

István Ráth, Managing Director of the company, will give a talk entitled 'Complex event processing for smarter IoT systems'.

May 9, 2016        Dr. István Ráth      IoT Open source

IncQuery Labs joins Startup Safary Budapest 2016

This year, we joined Startup Safary, an event where you get exclusive access to the offices of the best startups and tech companies of Budapest.

April 19, 2016        Dr. István Ráth      IoT Open source

IncQuery Labs at EclipseCon France 2016

Ákos Horváth will present MoDeS3, a Model-based Demonstrator for Smart and Safe Systems and our brand new, open source, incremental model compiler.

April 14, 2016        Dr. Ákos Horváth      IoT Open source

Modes3 Project Presented at Virtual IoT Meetup

István Ráth and András Vörös as project leaders were talking about the goals and the main challenges of the MoDeS3 project.

March 31, 2016        Dr. István Ráth      IoT Open source

MoDeS3 project won the 3rd prize of Eclipse Open Iot Challenge

We are happy to announce that MoDeS³ project won the 3rd place in the Open IoT Developer Challenge.

March 8, 2016           Eclipse IoT MODES3

IncQuery Labs co-presents two talks at EclipseCon Europe 2015

Our colleagues from IncQuery Labs have co-authored two proposals to EclipseCon Europe 2015, and both of them have been accepted.

September 10, 2015           EclipseCon IoT Presentation