OpenCPS in the Budapest Startup Safary

We have been traditionally involved in the Budapest Startup Safary already. This year Ákos Horváth will give a talk about progression of the OpenCPS project.

April 13, 2018        Dr. Ákos Horváth      MDE OpenCPS Safety critical system Startup Safary

It is coming! OpenCPS Technical Meeting in Budapest

We are looking forward to welcome our guests from Sweden, France and Finland.

April 11, 2018           Open source OpenCPS

Preparing for EclipseCon France 2018

IQL will perform a presentation on the lessons learned from building Eclipse-based add-ons for commercial modeling tools.

April 11, 2018        Dr. István Ráth   Dr. Ákos Horváth      Conference Eclipse EclipseCon VIATRA

A Graph Solver for Automatically Generating Consistent Models

February 28, 2018        Dr. Dániel Varró      Eclipse MDE

An important scientific result in the automotive industry

January 12, 2018        Dr. Dániel Varró      Automotive VIATRA