A Fast Unit Testing and Code Coverage Tool for LabVIEW

InstaCoverage is a unit testing tool for LabVIEW that enables faster software development by radically speeding-up the execution of unit tests. InstaCoverage is available as a plugin in the LabVIEW development environment.

Code coverage

The product InstaCoverage is a result of our own experiences gained in various commercial LabVIEW development projects for the safety-critical domain. InstaCoverage supports diagram coverage (the LabVIEW variant of branch coverage), which is a necessary metric for most software projects where safety is a requirement.


Using InstaCoverage we have measured significant speed-ups compared to other state-of-the-art unit testing tools in actual commercial software projects. To give a specific example, the runtime of 146 unit tests (where each of them may contain several test cases) in a commercial safety-critical LabVIEW project containing several hundreds of VIs takes over an hour with the mainstream solution, but only 30 seconds with InstaCoverage. This corresponds to a speed-up of 100 times.


InstaCoverage is the first time-performant unit testing tool for LabVIEW that supports code coverage


  • Fast unit testing and code coverage measurement
  • *RT target support: unit tests can be executed on real-time targets such as cRIO (*new in version 2.1, released in July 2018)
  • Flexible test infrastructure based on setup, teardown, and harness VIs; works with LabVIEW OOP, too
  • LabVIEW IDE support: testing functionalities integrated into the LabVIEW development environment
  • HTML and JUnit-style XML reporting of test results; works with Jenkins, too
  • API to run the tests from LabVIEW code

If you are interested in InstaCoverage, or have any question, do not hesitate to contact us at

InstaCoverage is purchasable on the National Instruments Tools Network (click on link below) or directly from IncQuery Labs (email us).