Powerful queries at the fingertips of your engineers


IncQuery is a scalable query evaluation platform that is specifically tailored to large and complex UML/SysML projects. With IncQuery, you can build validation and analytics solutions that can process entire repositories several orders of magnitude faster than traditional modeling tools or database systems.

IncQuery for MagicDraw is an add-on for MagicDraw which can automatically and instantaneously validate UML/SysML models against built-in and custom validation rules. Additionally, you can also execute your own custom queries to analyze your models.

IncQuery Server for Teamwork Cloud is a standalone server product which can be deployed alongside Teamwork Cloud, and enables fast querying over all your projects and their revisions, providing a comprehensive solution for automated validation, change impact analysis, and model reviews.


Powerful queries at your fingertips: IncQuery can execute ad-hoc queries written in the VIATRA Query Language (VQL). VQL is a fully featured query language – like SQL for databases – but tailored specifically for SysML/UML models.

Easy to use: IncQuery is simple and straightforward to use. Your custom queries can be turned into MagicDraw’s Active Validation rules with just a few mouse clicks. The IncQuery add-on for MagicDraw also provides quick fixes for each violation – specified as opaque behaviour model elements -, so that the you can quickly and conveniently repair your model.

Fully integrated with your favourite modeling tool: On the desktop, IncQuery provides a full-featured editor (including syntax highlight and code completion) for writing queries. Results and rule violations are reported and all quick fixes are offered via the standard user interface facilities that you are already familiar with. On the web, the IncQuery Server supports modern browser-based apps with its RESTful APIs.

Scalable: IncQuery provides top-notch scalability. In MagicDraw, all validation is done on-the-fly, i.e. violations are continuously computed without any delay, even for very complex profiles and models that are more than hundred thousand elements in size. On the Teamwork Cloud, queries and validation rules can run on entire repositories with more than 10 million elements in a few seconds.

Download details

IncQuery for MagicDraw is available as a free 90-day trial download for evaluation purposes, see the details at the bottom of this page. In case you need help with the tool, get in touch with us via, We are also looking for your feedback, feature suggestions, and ideas for improvement.

If you are interested in the IncQuery Server for Teamwork Cloud, contact us privately on The commercial versions are planned for release in Q2 2018. Get in touch with is at our booth at the No Magic World Symposium 2018!



IncQuery for MagicDraw (formerly known as InstaSchema) gives you unprecedented insight into your UML/SysML models.

Download details

IncQuery for MagicDraw 1.6 is currently available as a free technology preview, with no feature limitations and a 90-day trial license built-in. You can download the getting started package of IncQuery for MagicDraw on the bottom of this page. The getting started package, which works with MagicDraw 18.4 and 18.5, as well as 19.0LTR, includes the installable plug-in, a quick start guide and sample projects. The quick start is also available as a separate download.

Download IncQuery for MagicDraw
Download IQ4MD Quickstart Guide