Thales is a multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems, and provides services for several markets. Since 2014, IncQuery Labs has been successfully working with their IT services subsidiary, Thales Global Services (TGS). For more than 15 years, TGS has significantly invested in the development of Capella, an integrated systems engineering toolchain, which is used throughout the Thales Group. They used IncQuery Labs to provide both software engineering and research services, specializing in tool customization.

The Capella toolchain is used in a wide range of application domains including aerospace, defense, transportation and security. It is used daily by several thousand highly skilled engineers in order to work with complex systems engineering tasks. As a strategic decision, Thales has started open sourcing more and more components of these tools since 2013, in the framework of the Capella Eclipse PolarSys Project. The goal of this project was to create an ecosystem around their technology and accelerate its development.

Since VIATRA is a key enabling framework of Capella, we started providing TGS with professional support.

Working for TGS on Capella is an open source success story for IncQuery Labs. Since VIATRA (formerly EMF-IncQuery) is a key enabling framework of Capella, we started providing TGS with professional support. We worked on a feature to allow the ability to running ad-hoc queries on their design models, a feature that is high in demand when working with complex projects. In order to improve user friendliness, we also worked together to develop a graphical query language,.

Our collaboration with TGS has also highlighted the importance of industrialized research. Our way of working naturally integrates with the processes of internal development departments, or subsidiaries such as TGS. IncQuery Labs has contributed to several studies on various tool engineering related topics, helping TGS save on costs of high-risk-high-gain experiments. TGS was very satisfied with the outcome and harmony that was created with their engineers when working together. This is a highlight success for IncQuery Labs and can be a manifest to the skillfulness that our team delivers.