What's new in the industry? IncQuery Labs at EclipseCon Europe 2016

IncQueryLabs is not only sponsoring the IoT Day, but we will be there also.

October 17, 2016        Dr. Ráth István Zoltán       MONDO    MODES3    IoT    EclipseCon

EclipseCon Europe - talk and more

After one year, IncQuery Labs turns up again not only a participant but a sponsor too on EclipseCon Europe.

August 14, 2017        Dr. Ráth István Zoltán, Kolozsvári Csenge       IoT    EclipseCon    Eclipse

IncQuery Labs sponsors IoT Theme Day at EclipseCon Europe 2016

We're proud to sponsor the IoT Theme Day which will be held in Ludwigsburg, Germany, in co-location with EclipseCon Europe.

August 22, 2016              VIATRA    IoT    EclipseCon

Our talks at EclipseCon France 2016

This year, Akos Horváth represented our company in Toulouse and gave two talks.

June 17, 2016        Dr. Horváth Ákos       MODES3    IoT    EclipseCon