IoT training at the Kürt Academy

Ákos Horváth and István Ráth, managing directors of IncQuery Labs are involved in the new training of Kürt Academy as trainers.

The Internet of Things is a vivid and dinamically growing domain of IT. Smart devices are inseparable part of our daily life and IoT starts to exit from smart phones' limitations. In the near future we are going to live in smart cities, use smart vehicles and even our food and energy are going to be produced with smart solutions. We can thus state that the IoT slowly becomes a natural part of our whole life.

This emerging domain offers a great career perspective to everybody who is interested in IoT development. In order to meet the increasing demands of human resources the Kürt Academy is launching an IoT training in October 2017. Thanks to their high level of expertise, managing directors of our company were invited as trainers.

The one year long training will be held in Budapest, the language of the course is Hungarian.