A Fast Unit Testing and Code Coverage Tool for LabVIEW

InstaCoverage is a unit testing tool for LabVIEW that enables faster software development through radically speeding-up the execution of unit tests. InstaCoverage is available as a plugin in the LabVIEW development environment.

Code coverage

The product InstaCoverage is a result of our own experiences gained in various commercial LabVIEW development projects for the safety-critical domain. InstaCoverage supports diagram coverage (the LabVIEW variant of branch coverage), which is a necessary metric for most SW projects where safety is a requirement.


Using InstaCoverage we have measured significant speed-ups compared to other state-of-the-art unit testing tools in actual commercial software projects. To give a specific example, the runtime of 146 unit tests (where each of them may contain several test cases) in a commercial safety-critical LabVIEW project containing several hundreds of VIs takes over an hour with the mainstream solution, but only 30 seconds with InstaCoverage. This corresponds to a speed-up of two orders of magnitude.


To the best of our knowledge, InstaCoverage is the first time-performant unit testing tool for LabVIEW that supports code coverage.


  • Efficient and flexible test infrastructure based on xUnit-style constructs such as setup, teardown, harness.
  • Supports LVOOP (object-orientation) but works for non-LVOOP too.
  • HTML reporting of test results.
  • Identify and locate untested code: code coverage.
  • Efficient debugging of tests: step-by-step execution of harness is possible.
  • LV IDE integration: generation, implementation and execution of tests is supported from built-in menus within the LV development environment.

If you are interested in InstaCoverage, do not hesitate to contact us at