Applied Research & Development

Feasibility decisions, safe and smart systems, core innovation in prototype phase.

At IncQuery Labs, we can truly make your dreams a reality, by helping you build cutting edge innovative products.

Applied R&D is something that most IT consultancy companies don’t do because of cost and the uncertainty of outcome. Our long track record of successful research and development provides us a unique ability to help you especially in the most critical, prototyping phase. Our specialists will help you to work within your budget, and reduce risk as much as possible, even for the most extreme projects.

Innovation is a fundamental part of who we are.

Our past and ongoing projects are a testament to creative research.

We have accomplished multiple industrial R&D projects in different areas such as Internet of Things for safe & smart systems, automated testing, and model-driven software development. We consistently work across a wide variety of technologies such as computer vision, graph databases, AR/VR, mobile and web applications, in application domains ranging from automotive, avionics, smart devices, smart sport equipment, always striving to achieve the best results for your company.