Engineering Tools

Engineering tool solutions making work easier by fixing gaps in the workflow.

Model-driven engineering is a major strength of IncQuery Labs,

and it’s at the heart of our most innovative projects. MDE promotes the use of conceptual models, in order to reduce complexity through visualization, throughout the entire software development process. Following MDE best practices helps us to identify design flaws early, and thus reduce the overall risk and cost at the greatest impact.

MDE also helps to automatically generate code instead of writing it by hand, which significantly reduces programming errors, while increasing its quality.

IncQuery Labs specializes in helping organizations

adapt these best practices, by analyzing processes, identifying bottlenecks, and helping you choose the best tools to enhance productivity and save on engineering effort.

Our expertise can be applied to every software development project, though MDE shows its power in complex engineering domains such as cyber-physical and safety critical systems development. These fields include automotive, avionics, healthcare and telecommunications.