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VIATRA in the Guided Tour of Eclipse Modeling

István Ráth is going to represent our company in the unconference and he will present the VIATRA project led by IncQuery Labs.

September 22, 2017        Dr. Ráth István Zoltán, Kolozsvári Csenge       VIATRA    EclipseCon    Eclipse

The smarter IoT - our talk at the Eclipse IoT Virtual Meetup

István Ráth, managing director was invited to give a talk about new challenges and solutions of IoT.

August 23, 2017        Dr. Ráth István Zoltán, Kolozsvári Csenge       VIATRA    Presentation    Meetup    IoT    Complex event processing

​Sirius meets Xtext - IncQueryLabs' presentation at SiriusCon 2016

We are proud to announce that our paper has been accepted at SiriusCon 2016.

September 27, 2016        Dr. Horváth Ákos       Xtext    VIATRA    SiriusCon    Sirius

IncQuery Labs sponsors IoT Theme Day at EclipseCon Europe 2016

We're proud to sponsor the IoT Theme Day which will be held in Ludwigsburg, Germany, in co-location with EclipseCon Europe.

August 22, 2016              VIATRA    IoT    EclipseCon

New VIATRA related papers in SoSyM

Two new VIATRA related open access articles have been published in the latest issue of Software and Systems Modeling.

July 18, 2016        Dr. Varró Dániel, Dr. Ráth István Zoltán, Dr. Horváth Ákos, Dr. Hegedüs Ábel       VIATRA    SoSym