Automotive & Aerospace

Custom tool development for automotive and aerospace software engineering.

Nowadays, we live in a world where most of the innovation in a new car stems from the on-board software.

As a result, the automotive and aerospace industries are increasingly working with technologies beyond the traditional domain of vehicle engineering. IncQuery Labs has specialized developers who are experts in both automotive and aerospace engineering, and will focus on providing you with cost-efficient solutions that meet the rigorous standards required in these industries.

Our most notable expertise is custom tool development for automotive and aerospace software engineering.

We can work with your software development team to overcome the most challenging technical issues.

Our most notable expertise is custom tool development for automotive and aerospace software engineering. We are experts in standard, as well as domain-specific modeling languages and associated tool platforms (e.g. Eclipse, IntelliJ), and we have in-house experts for engineering tools such as Matlab Simulink. We can build efficient system and software design, code generation, and testing tools. We also provide excellent support for several open-source frameworks (based on the Eclipse Modeling platform) that are commonly used in commercial and custom tools, such as Xtext, Papyrus, and Artop.

As many of our clients struggle with manual problems or gaps in the workflow of product development, we often help by providing a middle ground between manual and software engineering, with the help of integrated tool chains. If you’ve already bought tools from the market, IncQuery Labs will assist with information exchange, using automated tool integration techniques.

Finally, our experts can aid with optimizing your processes, and knowledge management practices. We’ll talk with stakeholders, identify bottlenecks, help with the management of regulatory compliance and introduce best practices.