Smarter internet of things with stream and event processing

September 22, 2017    

Today, the Internet of Things is the one of the fastest growing innovative proving grounds of the industry.

Everyone is trying to build better, faster, smarter products, but they are still in their infancy, especially regarding “true smartness”. Aside from the nowadays widespread but possibly unfounded belief that AI will solve everything, many tough challenges remain, including how to help software make sense of the plethora of data our smart devices are collecting every second. Stream processing frameworks such as Apache Spark, Storm, Samza, and Flink are emerging to tackle this issue, however true smartness requires more.

In this talk, István talks about how stream processors can be augmented or even replaced with more advanced complex event processing frameworks such as Drools Fusion or VIATRA-CEP, in order to solve typical IoT challenges such as on-the-fly filtering and high-level sensor data fusion for smart home gateways or smart sport equipment.