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IncQueryLabs was founded in 2012 by a group of experts to apply their expertise in challenging projects in the industry. Starting from 2006, the founders have worked in international and Hungarian projects with highlights in model-based software development for critical embedded systems (automotive and avionics), service-oriented systems and tool integration. Many EU-funded research projects have granted us the privilege of working with a wide range of partners across the entire European Union.


    is dedicated to maintaining its very strong focus on research and development. Our technologies, know-how and services offer the following key values to our customers:

  • Increase scalability and responsiveness of your systems. By taking advantage of our globally unique expertise in incremental data and model queries, data-intensive applications and highly complex model-based tools may benefit from a significant performance boost offered by our open source and proprietary technologies.
  • Improve the quality of your product by early validation. We can help you in applying model-based software engineering best practices to aid you in capturing conceptual flaws and inconsistencies early in the design process.
  • Increase your productivity and reduce development and testing costs. We offer methods and tools (such as model transformations and source code generators) to automate many aspects of your development processes, including the generation of source code, deployment files, documentation, traceability documents and software tests. We offer trainings and consultancy by experts for the efficient transfer of know-how.

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    IncQueryLabs is located in Budapest, and offers professional consultancy, development and training services in the following areas:

  • Incremental graph search: Increase the scalability and performance of your complex event processing, Big Data and Big Model application by applying our expertise and integrating our technologies.
  • Model-based processes and technologies:
    • We can develop cutting edge model-based technologies for your company (model queries, model transformations, code generators).
    • Our consultants can help you introduce or assess a model-based design process at your company.
    • Our engineers can design and use domain-specific modeling languages effectively to help your design decisions or highlight flaws in your system well before testing.
  • Tools for critical systems:
    • Tool integration: We can turn your heterogeneous landscape of existing individual development and validation tools into a powerful integrated tool chain.
    • Tool Development: Hire our tool development experts to develop state-of-the-art custom development tools to boost the productivity of your engineers and domain experts.
    • Traceability: Our experts can help with best practices and technologies to ensure end-to-end traceability in your development processes and aid your experts in the assessment and certification of critical systems.
  • Commercial support for open source projects.

    Technologies and areas of expertise

  • OSGi-based systems
  • Eclipse RCP, plug-in development, modeling technologies (Eclipse Modeling Framework, GEF/GMF/Graphiti, Xtext/Xtend, OCL)
  • UML modeling
  • IBM Rational products (Software Architect, DOORS), ILOG and JViews
  • Matlab Simulink
  • Automotive software systems (AUTOSAR)
  • Certification of critical embedded systems (DO-178B-C)


The experts of IncQueryLabs have gained experience with the following previous projects and collaborators:

Open Source Projects


IncQueryLabs maintains the open source Eclipse project EMF-IncQuery, which offers a high-performance, incremental graph search engine on top of EMF models. Graph queries are defined declaratively and executed efficiently without manual coding.

Based on EMF-IncQuery, we have developed advanced technologies to streamline the development of Eclipse-based tools. These features include:

For further details, take a look at the official Eclipse.org project website and our project blog at http://incquery.net


The experts of IncQueryLabs are participating in the development of the VIATRA2 (VIsual Automated model TRAnsformations) Framework, whose main objective is to provide a general-purpose support for the entire life-cycle of engineering model transformations including the specification, design, execution, validation and maintenance of transformations within and between various modeling languages and domains.

    VIATRA2 intends to complement existing model transformation frameworks in providing

  • a model space for uniform representation of models and metamodels
  • a transformation language with
    • both declarative and imperative features
    • based upon popular formal mathematical techniques of graph transformation (GT) and abstract state machines (ASM)
  • a high performance transformation engine
    • supporting incremental model transformations
    • trigger-driven live transformations where complex model changes may trigger execution of transformations
    • handling well over 100,000 model elements (see our benchmarks)
  • with main target application domains in
    • model-based tool integration framework
    • model analysis transformations

More details at the official Eclipse.org project page and on our project portal at http://incquery.net/viatra2

Commercial support

While open-source tools EMF-IncQuery and VIATRA2 are free for anyone to use in their projects, reaching their full potential requires knowledge and experience. Projects relying on these excellent products may reap great benefits by enlisting the help of experts, and IncQueryLabs offers you just this – support by competent people, including the project committers themselves.

    Professional support services provided by IncQueryLabs include

  • developer training
  • consultancy in deployment, solution design, review and performance tuning
  • development of custom features and enhancements
  • prioritized handling of bug reports
  • providing extended update support for older versions
  • providing compatibility with legacy platforms.

If you are interested in purchasing commercial support for our open-source projects, contact us to request a quote.


We are always looking for fresh new talents who are interested in working for an innovative company in cutting-edge projects closely together with a team of leading researchers and software engineers. Feel free to contact us for the following open positions:

    Eclipse developer

  • Java development experience
  • Deep knowledge of Eclipse, OSGi and related technologies
  • Experience in model-driven technologies is a plus
  • Understanding of agile methods (teamwork)


AddressH-1113 Budapest
Bocskai út 77-79.

Emailinfo AT incquerylabs.com

IncQuery News

Introducing Teqball


Teqball is an amazing and innovative new sport that needs your support to grow and become the next big thing. Check out the Teqball project at Kickstarter and spread the word!

IncQuery Labs is involved in the development of Teqbox, an optional add-on equipment to Teqball. Teqbox uses state-of-the-art stereo computer vision and event processing technologies to track ball and player movements in real time. It will be able to automatically check whether players are playing according to the rules. It will also calculate scores and precisely measure different metrics to assess the skills of individual players.

Internship positions open in 2014


After our successful summer internship programme in 2013, we are offering student internship positions in 2014 as well. See detailed career options.

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